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Premier Sports Performance offers programs for everyone and anyone in spite of skill level, age, gender, or athletic goals. Our programs are scientifically designed for youth, middle school, high school, and collegiate or pro. Premier also designs programs for adults looking for an edge on recreational sports or just live a fitter lifestyle. We offer programs for the individual or for teams to improve fitness level and athletic ability as well as to build team cohesion. Training in small groups guarantees the utmost attention. Private personal training sessions are available for those looking to get the most out of their training.

ELITE ( AGES 15-18)


The Elite Program is a 60 minute session  designed to fine-tune running technique, speed, and agility while continuing to develop strength and power. Most athletes in this stage have already developed some fundamental neuromuscular patterns. it is our intent to strengthen the weak links in order to build a complete athlete. Each athlete is evaluated and the biggest area of improvement assessed. The elite program begins to resemble the demand of the sport and focuses on repetition of athletic drills in order to create mastery and consequently allowing the athlete to perform all the athletic moves effortlessly and without thought. As with the developmental program, strength and power increases with heavy loads to optimize force production.



The Developmental Program is a 60 minute session  designed to promote the development of neuromuscular patterns. At this stage we begin to direct athletic fundamental movements toward athletic skill application. This program also begins to establish fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. In addition to speed and agility development, this program introduces formal Strength and Power Training that provides proper movement techniques with increase force production. As athletes increase in hight, weight, and strength, the need for improved joint strength and mobility is critical for the reduction of injury.



The Youth Program is a 60 minute session  designed to introduce basic and fundamental movements in order to improve overall athleticism in a positive environment that stresses fun and progressive success. The youth program is designed to coach biomechanics in the running technique, athletic coordination and balance and improve relative strength. Our program introduces movements essential in establishing an athletic foundation while minimizing injury possibility and improving long term sport enjoyment.



The Premier Sports Performance program for collegiate and professional athletes are designed to provide training that pushes the athletes limitations in order to reach peak performance. because of the high intensity in the level of training at this stage, recovery and regeneration methods are employed. Our program emphasizes on quantifiable aspects of performance, appropriate performance peak time, and fine-tuning movement in order to become more efficient in them. Testing techniques are also addressed for combines.

Adult Cross Training (18-UP)


The Adult program is designed to challenge effort, coordination, balance, strength, and mobility with 60 minutes of functional movement. Sessions are always challenging, fun, fast-paced, educational and far from traditional gym-based workouts. The result of this unique form of training is an increase in fitness as well as improved metabolism, body composition and exercise knowledge and technique.



The Personal Training program is a one on one program designed to challenge effort, coordination, balance, strength, and mobility with 60 minutes of functional movement. Sessions are always challenging, fun, fast-paced, educational and far from traditional gym-based workouts. This program includes nutrition, before and after measuring of Body Composition and a program designed for the individuals goals. Personal training gets results.



The Team training programs are designed to be an organized challenging workout that provides the athletes with education and a customized workout in order to improve athletic aspects needed for the specific sport demands. the training sessions can be conducted at Premier Sports Facility or at the teams training facility or field. The programs emphasis are multi-directional movement, linear speed, vertical jump, and other athletic factors relevant to the sport. Energy system development specific to the sport is also very important in order to train for the specific sport’s demands. Medicine balls, resistance bands, hurdles, and cone drills are all in the arsenal of drills  employed to improve sports performance.



SPORT NUTRITION As an athlete, your main goal is peak performance. Peak performance doesn’t come from eating well a couple of days before a competition.  It comes from eating well every day. 

The Sports Nutrition Consultation (SNC) includes a full nutrition assessment and exercise training analysis to compare caloric needs to caloric intake. The athlete will receive nutrition information directed at maximizing performance, during four individual sessions which will address energy needs; weight and body composition; nourishment before, during and after events; and hydration and recovery from training.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT If you need assistance maintaining your weight or reaching a new goal weight,  PSP will develop a unique nutrition and activity plan to help you reach your goal. If you prefer a more comprehensive approach, a multi-session program providing one-on-one counseling is available. In this program, you will track your foot intake  and activity level while learning to develop and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits.

Tactical Training
(Military-Police-Fire Department)


Tactical Strength and Conditioning is the application of strength and conditioning principles in a tactical (military, fire and rescue, law enforcement, protective services, and other emergency personnel.) training environment. We refer to these athletes as “tactical athlete”. Despite promising growth over the past few years within various tactical organisations, there is still a fair amount of confusion as to what exactly tactical strength and conditioning should look like. Through identifying unique challenges and finding training solutions, our training optimizes the performance of tactical athletes at all levels.

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